Your Legacy



Family means different things to different people. We'd like to know what it means to you. 

Our wealth management process is rarely about individuals and often involves financial planning across generations. We ask our clients to introduce us to their families, and the personal connections that we cultivate drive our planning process. In some firms, clients are little more than names on a list. Our clients often become our friends, and we treat their families as we would our own. 

In addition to intergenerational planning, we like to meet with all the members of your family to help ensure that everybody is clear about the financial goals and understands the strategies we will use to pursue those goals. Some families find it difficult to discuss money with their children, but we can help you overcome this reluctance and improve communication, knowledge, and understanding. It is important for us to talk to your children and beneficiaries about their roles and responsibilities—to work through budgeting issues and to review the locations of important documents. 

Wealth management is defined as the ability to protect, preserve, accumulate, and transfer wealth in a cost-effective, tax-efficient manner. We'd like to add three words to that definition: for your family. Financial planning doesn't have to cross generational boundaries. We just think that you deserve it.



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